Insurance Basics offers liability insurance coverage for a variety of special events. While almost all special events are operated in a very safe manner, there is an inherent risk to hosting any special event.

Our General Liability policies, also referred to as a Commercial General Liability policies (CGL), are crucial to protecting the event host against a claim of bodily injury or property damage.

In the event of a claim or lawsuit alleging that the event host’s negligence led to bodily injury or property damage, the General Liability insurance carrier will pay for legal fees and court costs to defend the lawsuit and any settlement or judgment amounts, up to the policy limits.

Please see the policy details for more detailed descriptions of coverages and exclusions.

General Liability policies have two main limits: the Per Occurrence Limit and the Aggregate Limit.

  • The Per Occurrence Limit is the limit for any one occurrence – any one incident that may happen. Our standard per-occurrence limit is $1,000,000, meaning that for any one occurrence/incident, the most that the insurance company will pay is $1,000,000.
  • The Aggregate Limit is the most that the policy will pay out over the life of the policy (policy term). No matter the number of occurrences, the policy will never pay more than this total (aggregate limit). The standard aggregate limit on our policies is $2,000,000.